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The Recruitment Industry and Brexit

At present the UK recruitment industry is facing challenging times. With Article 50 about to be triggered many recruitment professionals feel that UK industry is facing an uncertain future. 
Most recruitment industry professionals agree that the UK needs to be able to attract talent globally. Up to the present the EU has supplied both skilled and unskilled staff to UK companies. If this pool of talent is denied to the UK as a result of a 'hard Brexit'  the UK might have to look further afield for its workforce.It is looking increasingly likely that a 'hard Brexit' may be on the cards as the EU will not countenance any limits to the free movement of people. It has been suggested that S.Africa or Australia might supply English speaking employees for the UK jobs market.

Whatever the ultimate outcome of negotiations with the EU, most businesses feel that the government needs to consult extensively with businesses so that they can implement forward plans to minimise the impact of any possible changes to immigration policy or employment law. Indeed, many companies have put recruitment on hold pending a more certain future.

Here at Evolve Selection we specialise in the recruitment of skilled staff for the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our experience as the UK's premier healthcare recruitment company has shown that the healthcare industry relies heavily on recruiting staff from the EU and further afield. The UK has a growing population coupled with an ageing NHS workforce all of which points to future shortages of skilled staff within this sector. Indeed, many industry professionals have suggested that the government should put nursing and healthcare professionals permanently on the skills shortage list.

It is also thought that tough new immigration rules could impact on companies finding staff for lower paid positions such as social care. The knock on effect of this might be that companies may have to pay more for unskilled staff - increasing labour costs.

It has been noted that many EU workers are heading home following the Brexit vote and the continuing uncertainty surrounding their future position in this country. This will inevitably leave gaps in the labour market which many UK citizens are unable or unwilling to fill.

Although the healthcare industry has seen no significant change to recruitment as yet Evolve Selection realise that companies may have to adopt a different approach to recruitment in the future. 

The key may be to recruit the very best staff and then hold on to them. This makes it even more crucial to employ the right person in the first place. Appreciating and rewarding staff is key to having a happy and stable workforce. Here at Evolve Selection we are expert at finding the right staff for the right job. 

We know that it is essential that staff should feel able to do the job for which they are employed so we carefully assess the talents our candidates have to offer and ensure that they are guided into positions where they can thrive. In future, companies may have to evaluate staff turnover and if it is high they may have to implement changes aimed at retaining staff.

Companies may need to compete for staff in the same way as they compete for customers. It may not be just about offering a higher salary but about offering exciting career prospects and enhanced job security. Companies may need to plan further ahead when it comes to recruitment and even consider outsourcing certain jobs. It is even more essential that companies should look at efficiency ensuring that employees work smarter. Social media marketing and computerised management systems may also be of great benefit to companies looking to maximise efficiency. Offering young people work experience and placements from schools and colleges may be another way to tempt new recruits into the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 

Whatever the future holds, Evolve Selection have the expertise and experience in recruiting for the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors to ensure that companies get the skilled staff they need to ensure ongoing success. Call us now on 0113 4570777 or email us at  

 The Recruitment Industry and Brexit thumbnail

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