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Virtual and e-Detailing Solutions

As an alternative to a field based sales resource, we have developed a range of bespoke virtual solutions to support or replace existing sales resource.

With proven results, these innovative models allow us to offer complete flexibility to our clients in the ever-developing healthcare marketplace in a digital age.
Using a telephone based or web based approach, this solution offers multi-channel access to support an existing sales resource, or replaces an existing field force.

Benefits of our e-selling solutions include:

  • Minimising or eliminating the necessity to travel.
  • Maintaining the ability to contact remote territories.
  • Increasing the contact time with healthcare professionals.
  • Expand detailing time and improve recall of delivered messages.
  • Extend the sales conversation with electronic detailing – longer than face-to-face detailing.

Virtual Account Management (VAM)

Through the use of a telephone-based approach or an all-encompassed online Virtual Platform Solution, we are able to offer a geographically flexible approach to access and sell to customers on a national basis without the restrictions of travel or geographical boundaries.

By utilising teams with territory and therapy experience where possible, our experienced and multi-skilled teams are trained to work with customers over the virtual platform as well as being able to offer the flexibility to deliver face to face interactions as necessary. 

Where necessary, a bespoke virtual platform will be created for the project, offering the functionality to record all virtual calls with healthcare professionals.

Virtual Vacancy Management (VVM)

When recruiting for an interim or short term field based vacancy, have you considered utilising a virtual solution instead? Our virtual solutions offer the perfect alternative to a field resource, enabling great access to customers whilst maintaining the effective relationship building qualities of a face to face call. Our VVM solutions have been most effectively utilised for:

  • Maternity covers
  • Sickness cover
  • Hotspot areas
  • Difficult to fill field based vacancies

Find out more:

If you’re interested in creating a bespoke virtual sales solution to for your business, please contact Chris Anderson (Commercial Director) to talk further around your requirements - we look forward to hearing from you.

To take a look at our field based contract sales team solutions, please click here.

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