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Recruitment and Outsourcing Specialists in Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Med Tech

Commercial Optimisation Solutions

Optimisation (noun); The act of rendering optimal, simultaneous optimisation of growth and profitability.

As an addition to our recruitment services, we offer bespoke product optimisation solutions within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

We believe in optimising everything we do, a philosophy we export into our clients' businesses. Our core team bring together a unique mix of experience across the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and NHS sectors. Allied to this we also work with a wide network of trusted associates to ensure we deliver the outcome required for your business.

This blend of experience allows us to offer an unrivalled range of optimisation services that compete favourably with the traditional sales, market access or NHS consultancies that operate in the UK and Europe:

Optima Market
Market, product, competitor & customer segmentation
Value propositions
Advisory boards
Hot-spot and regional project management
Commercial proposition development

Optima Launch
Launch-ready tool
Value propositions
Regional NHS project management
Advisory boards

Optima People
Highly trained teams – designed to deliver business
Training – Six Sigma, executive negotiation skills, joint working training & ITCs

Optima NHS
Service review and re-design
Project management

Please contact Chris Anderson (Commercial Director) to talk further around your requirements - we look forward to hearing from you.

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