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Breaking in to the Medical Sales Industry

It is the time of year where many are currently graduating from university, and wondering in which direction they may take their career. Many will envisage embarking on a path in pharmaceutical or medical device sales. As a leading independent recruitment agency and CSO, Evolve Selection have put together a comprehensive summary of how best to break into the medical sales industry. So; you’ve got your degree, you’ve done some research about getting in to the industry and..

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The Rise of GP Practice Pharmacists

Following the success and increased needs in the recruitment of Clinical Pharmacists, Evolve Selection have summarised the recent NHS changes in relation to the future of Primary Care Practice Pharmacists. In 2015, NHS England launched a pilot project of Clinical Pharmacists, working within Primary Care GP practices. Initially, 450 Clinical Pharmacists were employed across 650 practices across England. Following on from this success, in April 2017, NHS England announced it will now ..

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NHS Changes from April 2017

With a period of change on the horizon within the NHS, Evolve Selection have put together a comprehensive summary of changes and how these changes may affect the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry across the UK.  As the leading independent recruitment agency and CSO for sales, marketing and clinical opportunities, we support our clients in the necessary adaptations of their commercial functions to ensure success selling products in the new NHS.  STPs..

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The Recruitment Industry and Brexit

At present the UK recruitment industry is facing challenging times. With Article 50 about to be triggered many recruitment professionals feel that UK industry is facing an uncertain future.  Most recruitment industry professionals agree that the UK needs to be able to attract talent globally. Up to the present the EU has supplied both skilled and unskilled staff to UK companies. If this pool of talent is denied to the UK as a result of a 'hard Brexit'  the UK might ha..

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Seasons Greetings from Evolve Selection

With 2016 swiftly drawing to a close, Evolve Selection would like to say a big thank you to ALL of our valued customers for your support and business throughout the year. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has seen a mixed year of change from a recruitment perspective. Team expansions, restructures, acquisitions and redundancies have made for another interesting year and have certainly kept the team at Evolve Selection on our toes. From a sales perspective w..

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