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Seasons Greetings from Evolve Selection

With 2016 swiftly drawing to a close, Evolve Selection would like to say a big thank you to ALL of our valued customers for your support and business throughout the year. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has seen a mixed year of change from a recruitment perspective. Team expansions, restructures, acquisitions and redundancies have made for another interesting year and have certainly kept the team at Evolve Selection on our toes. From a sales perspective w..

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Pharmacies in the Firing Line

In the latest round of spending cuts the Department of Health are turning their attention to pharmacies. With NHS spending on pharmacies topping £2.8 billion the aim is to save £200 million over the next two years. Campaigners for the pharmacy industry fear that this could lead to the closure of upwards of 3,000 pharmacies out of the current total of 11,700. The worry is that some vulnerable communities may lose out leading to extra pressure on already overworked A&E..

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The Expanding Role of the MSL

At Evolve Selection, as one of the UK's premier medical and pharmaceutical recruitment agencies, we have noted an expansion of the role of the MSL (Medical Science Liaison). The MSL's main function is to act as a trusted and reliable link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals, working in a non-promotional role. Most MSLs come from a background in healthcare such as clinicians or pharmacists. MSLs are employed by many ..

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Possible Effects of Brexit on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Here at Evolve Selection, we are well aware that Brexit may have a profound effect on the UK's pharmaceutical sector. As a leading recruiter for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Evolve Selection is expecting 3 immediate challenges following the UK's vote to leave the EU:  - Regulation of medicines,  - Funding research,  - Potential relocation of the European M..

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Working your Plan

Here at Evolve Selection, as part of our remit as a recruitment agency for healthcare, med tech and pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals, we receive feedback from our successful candidates which enables us to offer up to date advice to new candidates. At interview, most interviewers want to establish how well you plan and structure your approach to work to achieve your targ..

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